• Etched Plated Yantra

    Etched Hindu Yantra is meant as a process of writing numerical on Pure Copper Plate with Gold Plating.There are many different types of yantra, for example, numerical, syllabical and diagrammatical. Nearly for every religion and society of the world, Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Christianity, Chinese and Persian, Yantra is an instrument, a talisman, an amulet or a mystical figure which can be made only when one has achieved Siddhi under the guidance of a learned Guru or teacher. The Shani Kavach is a popular form of Etched Yantra that finds extensive usage. We have made a name for our self as a Reliable Hindu Yantra Suppliers In India.


    Combination of Yantras etched in one plate for mulitple benefits and betterment of purpose.

    Meru Shree Yantras

    Collection of Meru Shree Yantra in Gunmetal, Panchdatu Gold Plated, Crystal Meru Shree Yantra, Agate and All other Gemstones. Meru Shree Yantra is considered to be the supreme of all Shree Yantras. Shree Yantra is One of the most Auspicious, Important and Powerful Yantra. Its archetypal form is a ladder of spiritual ascent for the seeker. Viewed from the center outwards, the Shree Yantra is a diagram of the Hindu vision of the evolution of the cosmos. Through devotion and faith, the Shree Yantra blesses the worshipper with Peace, Happiness, Popularity, Power, Authority, Wealth, Prosperity & Success. This ancient Yantra has been used for millennia by Kings, Princes, Political Leaders & Men in authority for attaining fame, power and financial success. It is considered to be beneficial to humankind especially during Kali-Yuga to help achieve success, well being, good fortune, wealth and fame.

    Locket yantra

    Locket yantra of hindu God and Goddess in Gold plated and Silver. Locket yantra for protection, for growth, success and peace of mind.

  • Crystal Laxmi

    Sphatik laxmiji is the most auspicious way of purifying your house and getting the presence of laxmiji. Laxmi is considered the best from of Goddess. She is worshipped to attain wealth and prosperity.   If one succeeds in appeasing Laxmi he shall be equipped with all comforts of life. All sorts of pleasures and happiness would be attained. Everybody aspires to get her blessings. Life becomes easier with her blessings. Crystal Laxmi in itself is a blessing to the devotees of goddess Laxmi.

    Crystal Ganesha

    Crystal ganesha catches the light and reflects beautiful rainbows. It is a symbol of radiant white light energy. Its power lies in its structure reaching towards light form type depths of the earth. The crystal acts as a catalyst, a conductor of energy. It is a both a receiver and transmitter. Crystal attune themselves automatically to human liberations because of their affinity with human spirits writing spiritual links when they one worn or held. Crystal protect you from outside negative vibrations.

    Crystal Mala

    Sphatik(Crystal) Mala is considered to be mala of lordess Laxmi. If someone wishes to japa of Goddess laxmi or japa of God or Goddessess sphatik mala is considered to be supreme. This mala s also been prefered for wearing as sphatik is considered to be very good for body as it gives peace in mind and soul and helps to reduce and control anger also.This mala contains crystal(sphatik) beads of diamond cutting specially designed and shapped, which makes this mala very authentic and beautiful also, as such can be weared as jewellery also.Sphatik is generally cool, so for the first time wearer would feel very cool and then later on mala will be according to the body temperature.Wearing this mala absorbs the heat from the body . So good for high temper people,anger reduction. It helps to remove negative energy from the mind.It is also used for meditational purpose for chanting the mantra

    Crystal Shivling

    Sphatik shivling is considered to be auspicious and praying and bowing down to sphatik shivling is considered to be bowing to Lord shiva directly. Sphatik (rock crystal) is the purest and the most auspicious gem in the world.It believed that during "Ramayan Kaal": Lord Ram and Laxman sat on the sphatik rock. Any idol which is made of Sphatik does not need "Pran pratishtha" before worshipping. Worshipping a Sphatik shivling is considered to have same effect as worshipping the "Jyotirling". Worshipping of Sphatik shivling brings peace, prosperity and happiness to the house where it is Worshipped

  • Nepal Rudraksha beads (1 to 14...

    Nepal rudraksha beads

    Rudraksha Power Combinations

    Rudraksha power combinations are the combinations of various rudraksha beads strung together with Silver capping in a red thread, Purpose of these Combinations is to get more benefits of different beads together, there also fullfilling various purposes and also reducing various Dosha's also. Beads collected and strung together are of really high quality and are energised as per the requirements of User and buyers.

    Rudraksha According to Planets

    Astrologer have suggesteed rudraksha according to planets.   According to Yogis and Astrologers, Rudraksha are very influential in removing bad effects of the planets. Gems are also used specially for removing the bad effects of planets. But if they are unable to pacify the evil influence, it is most advisable to wear Rudraksha.     Rudrakshas also have powerful Electromagnetic properties in controlling stress, blood pressure, and improving blood circulation. Rudraksha Beads have many powerful properties in transforming ones personality and outlook in a positive way. Its a proven fact now that Rudrakshas possess powerful electromagnetic, paramagnetic and inductive properties and thus on wearing these rudrakshas specific electrical impulses are sent to brain stimulating certain positive centers thereby causing transformation in the personality, outlook, charisma and confidence of the wearer.

    Siddha and Indra Mala

    An Exclusive and very Powerful Mala of  Nepali Collector Rudraksha Bead Strung together in one mala for Supreme Power and Achievements. For People Who want to achieve Great Success and would like to reach to the top level dreaming to achieve goals of life. A very powerful mala representating all Planets and Gods and Goddessess. Siddha Mala helps to attain wealth, Prosperity, Good health and attainment of all desires and is considered to be a very powerful healing mala.

  • Rosaries and Japa Mala

    Collection of Rosaries of 108 beads plus one (sumeru). Collection includes Rudraksha japa malas, rudraksha mala in silver, lotus and sandalwood mala. Crystal mala. Each and every one mala will be collected and made beautifully for you to wear


    Beautifully Crafted collection of rudraksha beads bracelets, crystal bracelets, amethyst bracelts, semi precious stone and collection of Exclusive pendants of diety and others stones.

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