Product Code : Rpspcm23

Price : Rs. 1450.00 / $34.50 (Crystal Diamond Cutting Mala 8 mm )


Beautiful Sphatik (crystal mala) of Diamond Cutting Shapped.

Sphatik mala is a sacred string of beads worn around the neck. The beads are made of crystals, round in shape about 8 to 9 mm, and usually 108 in number. Sphatik Mala has the quality of reducing the body temperature, hence it is worn by people who have excessive body heat.

Sphatik mala is also used for meditation and japam. One who wears sphatik mala is said to become pacified and calm, and earn the grace of Lord Shiva.

Crystal Mala can also be used as a japa mala because crystal balances all the energy Chakras while reciting "mantras" during meditation. Crystal beads also protect and heal by neutralizing negative influences.