Product Code : LBS01

Price : Rs. 150000.00 / $3150.00 (10 kg Big Size Sphatik Lingam with Stand)


Rudrapuja has often been making Big size and Large size Sphatik Lingam, Sphatik Shivlingam and Sphatik Shree Yantras.

Sphatik Lingam is made with Utmost care and specification along with white Quartz base.

  • Specification

            Lingam Height - 12 inch

            Lingam weight - 9830 gms

            Stand height    - 3 inch

            Stand weight    - 12 inch

Offering milk, water, or  vihbutito the sphatika Lingam removes all curses and negative karma. When the Siva Panchakshari Mantra is offered 108 times, with milk or vibhuti, the darkest sins aredestroyed. If one chants the Siva Panchakshari Mantra 108 times with vibhuti, one obtains tremendous merit. If the vibhuti obtained from such worship is applied to the forehead, ones fate which is written on the forehead by Lord Brahma can be completely altered for the better. If one eats a pinch of that vibhuti, allpoverty, sins and diseases can be destroyed