Product Code : RpRC7

Price : Rs. 10300.00 / $180.00 (Ganesha Laxmi Vishnu Combination)


Combination of 7 mukhi, 8 mukhi and 10 mukhi which is a combination of Goddess Laxmi, Ganesha and Lord Vishnu.
Seven mukhi rudraksha bead is ruled by Saturn(Shanidev) & this bead represents Goddess Mahalaxmi. Seven mukhi rudraksha is symbol of saptamartika. It also worshiped as saptarishi. 
Eight mukhi rudraksha is ruled by Rahudev & Represents Lord Shree Ganesh. The elephant headed benign god, the loving son of lord shiva-parvati has special grace on the wearer of this rudraksha. By wearing it on one's person all the pleasures increase and all the difficulties diminish. 
Ten mukhi rudraksha bead has no ruling planet, thus is held to control all the planets.
                               Chanting mantra : " II Om Hreem Namah II "
Ten mukhi rudraksha represents Lord Vishnu. This rudraksha controls all the nine planets(Navgraha). Ten mukhi rudraksha worshiping or using on the body help as the protector and preserver from the enemies. It is good for those who seek removal of sins arising from past karmic action. It calms the nerves, quiets the mind, and relieves depression