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Panchmukhi Hanuman Raksha Kavach is used to overcome distressing energy: To overcome problems due to evil spirits, black magic, departed ancestors' subtle bodies, influence of the planet Saturn (Shani), etc. It also helps to control pleasant energy ie To overcome any obstacle in the pathway of the activated spiritual energy system (kundalini) and to channelize it appropriately, so that the seeker can continue his spiritual practice smoothly.

 Panchmukhi Hanuman yantra    - Very powerful yantra for protection from all evils and attacks - Powerful yantra to get Hanuman Siddhis and completion of Hanuman Sadhana without truobles.

Mantra"Aum Namo Hanumate Bhaybhanjanaya Sukham Kuru Phat Swaha"

The details of Panchamukhi Hanuman are:-
1. East facing Hanuman to grant humanity isthta siddhi.
2. South facing Narasimha to grant humanity abhista siddhi.
3. West facing Garuda to grant humanity sakalla sowbhagya
4. North facing Varaha to grant humanity dhana prapthi, and
5. Hayagriva on top to grant humanity sarva vidya jaya prapthi.
This form of Hanuman is very popular, and is also known as Panchamukha Anjaneya and Panchamukhi Anjaneya. (Anjaneya, which means "son of Anjana", is another name of Hanuman).


Methods of Yantra (Locket) Puja


Arrange all items of blessings after having a bath in the morning with pure mind and soul.

1. Panchamrit(Milk, Ghee,Curd,Sugar, honey) and also Gangajal should   be offered to the yantra.

2. Sandalwood paste or chandan must be offered to the yantra

3. The Sadhak must keep in mind the particular Ishat(mantra) while performing the puja. One should take flowers in both hands and offer the yantra while reciting the Beeja mantra

4. Unbroken rice or white flowers should be offered.

5. Incense sticks and diyas or lamp must be lit with the chanting of the aapropriate mantra.

6. Fruits, betel nuts and betel leaves are to be offered.

7. Place the yantra in front of your isht dev and also resepctive God of yantra and start chanting the mantra of respective yantra indicated at least for 11, 21 or 108 times