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Price : Rs. 1250.00 / $30.00 (Parad (Mercury) Ganesha )


Parad(mercury) is said to be a herbal thing and it is beleived the anything or any God idol in the form of parad is said to be very auspicious.

Worshipping of Ganpati has many different methods. But worshiping of entire Ganpati Family is a matter of upmost secret. This worship has been created by making deepest & minute study Ganesh Upanishidh. This meditation method can only be performed on 'Parad Ganpati' only. By making this kind of meditation, the wealth, health and peace prevails in the family from the vary same day. On this Parad Ganpati accurate obligation remover [Runharta] analysis can also be performed.

One Chintamani Ganpati can also be experimented on this Parad Ganpati. This experiment is done by fulfilling the desire of the heart or attaining some mastery. As for the purpose of obtaining wealth and removal of any obstruction and removal of any disease, or for peace of mind or for fulfillment of any particular wish, Chintamani Ganesh Experiment must be carried out.


Mantra - "Aum gam ganapataye namah"


Procedure for puja and Sthapana.

(1) Keep the parad Ganesha in temples in front of other devotees under red cloth.

(2) Offer Panchaamrit (Milk,curd,Ghee, Sugar, honey one by one).

(3) wash the Parad kashyap shree yantra with gangajal.

(4) chant the mantra