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Price : Rs. 1500.00 / $35.00 (Parad Meru Shree yantra )


It is an Yantra which is also worshipped by the Gods & Goddesses. The best Yantra in all the Yantras of the world means "Parad Shri Yantra". As for the obtaining happiness in life in all the aspects such as physical economic, spiritual, Sadhana of Shri Yantra must be made. The Sadhana [worshipping] of Shri Yantra gets you an un-obtainable mastery and wealth. Our scriptures have a description that, any person who is wishing to have wealth, glory and happiness in his life, then he should establish a Sanskar Siddha Parad Shri Yantra in his home, safe or shop. By performing Pooja of Parad Shri Yantra, definite benefit is obtained. As for the example economic hindrances are removed ant; new benefits are obtained. [2] Difficulties faced in jobs and business are removed. [3] Respect is attained in the society. Apart from this many other benefits are received by performing pooja of Parad Shri Yantra.

Establishing such a Yantra at a place of business and at the same time in the Pooja Room of the House can bring much delight and happiness. This Yantra is not only basic Yantra of Laxmi but that the same time it is also a basic Yantra of "SHRI". By the process of establishing it many types of tensions, hindrances and difficulties are removed. This Yantra wherein at one place it bears fruitful things then on the other side it removes all the obstructions also.