Product Code : Rpppps21

Price : Rs. 5500.00 / $100.00 (Silver Parad Shivling)


Beautiful exclusively made Customised  Pure Parad shivling with 25gm of  Silver and 200 gms of Parad

Parad Shivling is meeting of the a divine being and Maya [illusion], meeting of the nature and male, meeting of Shiv & Parvati. Our present science even today says that, each of the object of the universe has been connected with its attractive force. And this power of attractiveness is existing in each atom. This is the same power which produces many substances like love, feelings, mercy, beauty. Due to these divine substances interest and joy is created in one's life. This power is lying within each human being, therefore only we are holding riches by these divine powers.

Weight - 225 gms (including 25gm silver)