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Price : Rs. 2800.00 / $50.00 (Rudraksha Combination for Wealth and Success)


Rudraksha combination for wealth and success of rudraksha beads 7 mukhi and 8 mukhi blessed by Goddess Laxmi for wealth and Lord Ganesha for riddhies and Siddhies and also for Stability.

Eight Mukhi - This mukhi is ruled by Rahu.This bead is supposed to cure of ketudiseases of lung,feet, skin, eye, catarrhisis, hydrocel, air-tracia.

 8 Mukhi Mantra - Om Sah Hum Namah

Eight mukhi Rudraksh is said to represent lord Ganesha. The elephant headed benign god, the son of lord Shiva and Parvati has special grace on the wearer of this Rudraksh. By wearing it on one's person all the pleasures increase and all the difficulties diminish.It is also the demolisher of arrogance, egoism and pride

Seven Mukhi - This mukhi is ruled by Saturn(Shani).This beads is helped to cure weakness, colic pain,pain in bone and muscle,delay in ahievements.

 Beneficiary   for Capricornus(Makar)

 7 Mukhi Mantra - Om Hum Namah

Seven mukhi Rudraksha represents Goddess Mahalaxmi, Seven Face rudraksha is symbol of Saptamartika. It is also worship as Saptarishi. Seven face is benefial for business  and Service career.